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Coming home

on May 7, 2012

So I went on my trip to NH back in January.  It was so good.  Some bittersweet, but really good.  And when I was done with my week there, I was excited to be back……wait for it……HOME!  I can’t believe that a trip back to the place I had been yearning for gave me closure.  It wasn’t what I was looking for, yet somehow, there it was.  It was like my neck was absolutely locked into looking at my past in NH and couldn’t process the here and now, and when I went back to NH, I got the key to unlock it.  I am still nostalgic, but not horribly sad.  And I am starting to make friends here.  God has shown me some people to hang out with and I thank Him for helping me feel at home here. 

Big news:  We bought new bedroom furniture.  Joe has had that same set for 7 moves and 22 years.  It was a part of NH, and I was not ready emotionally to let it go.  But it looked out of place in our room.  So after the new year, I started to look at new bedroom furniture.  And I found a set I loved.  Then we started to look for a home for our old set, and the eipiphany hit us.  Matthew is rapidly growing toward his predicted 6’4″ height, so why not give him the set.  He does not have a bedroom set, so it makes perfect sense.  It looks amazing in his bedroom!  I could not have picked a set that would have looked better.  And Matthew thinks it is the coolest thing ever!  We are all so happy about the new furniture.  And now I just need to decide on a new paint for our bedroom so I can buy the matching pretties.  Oh, and a King size mattress.  That too.  We are still on our Queen mattress on the king bed.  It looks a little funny with blankets and things stuffed in the space on the edge, but it works for now until we have the extra thousands a King size tempur pedic costs.

The new furniture, to me, was not just something new and pretty, but signified that I was ready to move on and truly move in.  We had company over, and Joe and I hung pictures.  It looks so nice to have some of our old and a new pictures up.  It took 9 months and the stress of having company over to hang up pictures.  But here I am, moving forward, in our new home.  Love it. 

Joe and I have been taking the dog for walks, and we were talking about how our new home is fancier than we are as people.  It is lovely, but it doesn’t reflect us.  We were not complaining, and we love it and think it is beautiful and very practical for all the space we have to use, but it is truly fancier than we are.  I also love that it is an investment in our future.  When we retire, downsize, and go to sell this place, it will line our nest egg nicely.  And it has room for ailing parents or adult children, should they ever need us to care for them.  So our home is ready, and lovely, and ours.  Finally ours.


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